Floor coatıng products are group of products designed for floor application. Those products have many properties like :

  • Chemical resistance.
  • Resistant to mechanical wear
  • High adhesion to concrete and metal floors
  • Super resistant to ordinary water and sea water

These products are available in several types, such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, and other compounds

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Poly Clear PU 080

low viscosity single component solvent based moisture cure polyurethane primer especially formulated to significantly enhance the adhesion of polyurethane Range of waterproofing coatings and polyurethane joint sealants , with the most common construction substrates. Poly Clear PU 080 can be also used as a sealer and dust-proofer over dry concrete substrates.

Polytop Clear PU 060

Two-component polyurethane based and elastic, hard waterproofing product. Especially used in waterproofing of glazed tiles and glossy surfaces such as ceramics, marble, granite and glass; After drying, it forms a transparent, tough elastic and seamless layer. It is used for waterproofing without damaging the existing coating especially in living places such as balconies and terraces.  

Road Marking Paint CR

A high quality, single backed alkyd modified chlorinated rubber paint that is specially designed for road marking.    

Top Clear AC-7070

A Solvent based acrylate copolymer primer and penetrative water repellent protective treatment for concrete and masonry. It works by penetrating into the pores of concrete and reacting there with the moisture / water vapor present to form a hydrophobic poly acrylate lining to the capillaries. The product non-staining, allows water vapor to escape from the structure and Chemically resistant to ice melting compounds, fuels, oils and atmospheric contaminants.  

Top Cryl MMA 5011 SL

It is a methyl methacrylate (MMA) based, self-leveling floor covering used indoors and outdoors, which can be ready for use approximately 1 hour after the application. Minimum 2-3 mm. thickness applied. It is produced in various RAL colors. It has a quick drying time (Average 1 hour). It is very long lasting. It is applied from wall to wall joint less and non-porous. It is easily repaired. When renewal is required, it is not necessary to remove the old coating underneath. It stretches and works with the underlying surface.

Top Fill PU 711-TH

It is a polyester polyurethane resin based, two component, and high volume solid, flexible, solvent free putty. The product is Solvent free, flexible and thixotropic and easy to apply.

Top Floor 650-MT

Two component solvent free, moisture tolerant epoxy Sealer designed to be applied to concrete with residual moisture or green concrete.

Top Floor 600-SF

Two component solvent free transparent epoxy coating which used as a sealer on concrete surfaces and cement based surfaces.

Top Floor 90-CR

Top Floor 90-CR is a high-performance, single-component floor coating. based on chlorinated rubber.  The product is weather resistance and have

Top Floor CM 045

It is a two-component, non-cracking decorative colored water-based acrylic asphalt & concrete paint with high UV resistance, high mechanical strength that provides very good adherence to the asphalt& concrete  surface it is applied to, consisting of powder component containing high strength special aggregate and mineral hardener and a special acrylic polymer-based colored liquid component

Top Floor CM 10-50

Cement based dry mortar for surface smoothening. It is suitable for leveling the floors where surface deviation is below 50 mm, prior to fixing of covering materials of tiles, parquets, carpets, natural stones and etc It allows delivering a flooring incline.

Top Floor CM 3-10

It is a high-strength, normal-setting, cement-based, self-leveling underlayment, for use over interior concrete, plywood and other approved floor surfaces. The product convenient and easy to use. Once cured, it provides a smooth, level surface on which to install a variety of floor coverings. This normal setting underlayment can be applied up to 10 mm  thick in one pour and seeks its own level in hours.