It is a material for the repair and restoration of concrete, where epoxy is an essential element in the composition of the products, and it is characterized by strong adhesion in addition to its high resistance to water, sea water, chemicals and detergents.

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Topox Filler SF-050

is a kneadable, universal repair compound. It is processed using a simple 1:1 mixing ratio and, once fully cured, can be painted over. It adheres well to metal, wood, glass, ceramics, concrete and most plastics. This putty cures at room temperature and, once cured, exhibits excellent resistance to petrol, oil, ester, saltwater and most acids and lyes. The product is Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) free and it is suitable for use in Residential, Commercial & Heavy Industrial environments.  

Topxy Mortar SF-075

It is two component, solvent free epoxy resin based repair, anchorage and fitting mortar. The product is fast drying anchorage, casting and repair mortar.

Topxy Mortar SF-100

A two-component product, premixed with selected graded aggregates / epoxy resins & additives which when mixed, produces a high strength impermeable and chemically resistant mortar.