Pipe Lines

Top Mastic Epoxy 450

It is a high-solids, rust-inhibitive, surface-tolerant epoxy mastic for professional use in industrial and commercial applications. Ideal for protection of steel and concrete . Excellent for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and when properly top-coated, exhibits excellent chemical and moisture resistance. Resists solvents, dilute acids and alkali attack    

Top Tar EP-1000

Coal tar modified epoxy-polyamine based, two component coating with excellent adhesion and elasticity. It has good resistance to immersion to soil chemicals. It has excellent durability against moisture and water.

Topxy Coating 5050 SF

Topxy Coating 5050 SF is a two component, polyamine based epoxy specifically for potable water tanks. It is high solids, high-build potable water coating.

Topxy Metal Primer 1500

A two component, epoxy based primer with excellent corrosion protection properties for use on metal surfaces. It has high structural strength, abrasion and chemical resistance. The product offer extra protection against corrosion on bare or blasted metal.

Topxy NF-1420 HT

It is a solvent free two component, rust-inhibitive, phenolic resin, polyamide cured epoxy coating for professional use in industrial and commercial applications. Specially recommended to pipe lines and tanks (heating & cooling) where the heat resistance require between - 40 °C up to + 300 °C.

Topxy NF-4111

A solvent free, two components, high build, polyamine cured epoxy phenolic coating designed to protect substrates against severe chemical attack. Low viscosity and excellent adhesion characteristics ensure a tight bond to properly prepared concrete and steel surfaces. The product has High chemical resistance, low permeability, resist chipping or cracking and has an excellent Abrasion & Corrosion resistant. The product have excellent resistance to water, crude oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel (JP-8, Jet A1) and unleaded gasoline

Topxy NF-4118 B

A novalac (phenolic) epoxy-polyamine based, two component, high-built coating with excellent chemical resistance. It is most often used in those applications where chemical, solvent and water resistance are required. It exhibits excellent curing characteristics at low temperatures (down to -5°C) and/or high humidity without any surface defects such as blushing, cracking etc.

Topxy Zinc E-811

A self-curing solvent based fast curing zinc silicate coating. . Zinc content in the dry film conforms to SSPC-Paint 20, Level 2 and ISO 12944 standards. It is resistant to cyclic dry temperatures up to 400°C.