Polyurethane Based Floor Coating Products

Poly Clear PU 080

low viscosity single component solvent based moisture cure polyurethane primer especially formulated to significantly enhance the adhesion of polyurethane Range of waterproofing coatings and polyurethane joint sealants , with the most common construction substrates. Poly Clear PU 080 can be also used as a sealer and dust-proofer over dry concrete substrates.

Polytop Clear PU 060

Two-component polyurethane based and elastic, hard waterproofing product. Especially used in waterproofing of glazed tiles and glossy surfaces such as ceramics, marble, granite and glass; After drying, it forms a transparent, tough elastic and seamless layer. It is used for waterproofing without damaging the existing coating especially in living places such as balconies and terraces.  

Top Fill PU 711-TH

It is a polyester polyurethane resin based, two component, and high volume solid, flexible, solvent free putty. The product is Solvent free, flexible and thixotropic and easy to apply.

Top Floor PU 100 SB

One component, non-yellowing, aliphatic, moisture curing, polyurethane gloss coating. The product is UV resistance and have very good chemical and mechanical characterizes.

Top Floor PU 200 -SB

An aliphatic isocyanate based , two component, solvent borne, UV resistant, glossy top coating which is scratch resistant and have high color stability and have high mechanical abrasion  resistant.

Top Floor PU 2020-SL

A self-leveling, two component, hard-elastic, self-leveling polyurethane coating with high impact and abrasion strength and very good resistance to acidic and basic solutions, used for self-leveling floor coating constructions. Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components. The Product give surface Resistance to several organic chemicals used in the food industry makes the system suitable for use in various food processing industries.  

Top Prime PU 10

Is a polyurethane based, two component, solvent-free priming material developed to be used for preparation of the application surface. It is specially designed for humid or wet concrete surfaces (at least 7 days old). It provides fast curing and is toxic substance-free, as well as being solvent-free (zero VOC/Volatile Organic Components).