About Us Top Technical Coatings

We are a Turkish company based in Istanbul specialized in manufacturing and producing of industrial paints, waterproofing and protective coatings.

As we put our principles on the following foundations

  • Paying attention to scientific and technical research to keep pace with the development of the paint industry and the scientific progress in all fields
  • Taking care of the environment and human health is one of the priorities.
  • we give most Attention to industrial progress in the field of means of production to obtain the highest productivity
  • We always strive to pay attention to the highest standards of quality and control of production, to be at the forefront of the paints industry
  • We always strive to raise the capacity of our cadres in all fields through continuous training and knowledge of the latest work methods and strive to obtain them continuously.
  • We strive to be one of the leading companies around the world in the field of marketing and selling industrial paints, protection paints and waterproofing materials of all kinds
  • We always take care about every detail in our field as our slogan is

“Technical solutions are our constant passion”