Epoxy Based Floor Coating Products

Top Floor 650-MT

Two component solvent free, moisture tolerant epoxy Sealer designed to be applied to concrete with residual moisture or green concrete.

Top Floor 600-SF

Two component solvent free transparent epoxy coating which used as a sealer on concrete surfaces and cement based surfaces.

Top Floor FB 700

An economic solvent free, two-pack epoxy primer for concrete and cement floors with good penetration and filling properties. The product contains performance enhancing fillers and can be used as a primer or surface leveler for uneven concrete surfaces.

Top Floor FC 200-SB

Two-pack epoxy floor coating offering good chemical resistance, durability and available in a variety of colors.

Top Floor FC 250-WB

Two-pack water dispersed epoxy Floor Coating, The product have Excellent adhesion to concrete surface and damp but not wet concrete. The Product have exceptional floor protection—and zero VOCs and have High-performance coating—for concrete floors in moderate to severe industrial settings. exceptionally hard-wearing, low-odour heavy duty floor coating ideal for heavy traffic areas. The product have very good outstanding resistance to oil, chemicals, solvents and abrasion. The product is easy-to-clean and Prevents the dusting of concrete surfaces.

Top Floor FC 300-SF

It is a two component heavy duty floor coating that provides a high gloss, seamless, hygienic surface that is extremely hard wearing, durable, Antimicrobial Finish.  It is hard wearing epoxy floor coating offering excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents and oils. 

Top Floor ORP 6000

Solvent-free, two component epoxy coating system with orange peel appearance that can be light, medium or aggressive. It exhibits a very physical properties and unique finish. It provides a monochrome color with opaque and glossy finish, seamless, and a high covering power.

Top Floor SL 1000

High quality self-leveling Flow applied three component coating for application to new and existing concrete & metal floors. It provides smooth, easily cleaned surfaces which is resistant to dirt, moisture, oil, and light-medium abrasion and chemical attack.

Top Floor SL 2000

Is a three-component solvent free 100% solid self-smoothing epoxy resin compound in high gloss seamless finish applied at 2-7mm thickness. It is to be used on prepared and primed concrete floor in medium to heavy duty industrial environment. The product gives heavy duty floor coating that provides a high gloss, seamless, hygienic surface that is extremely hard wearing and durable. The coating can also be applied to provide a nonslip texture in combination with non-slip aggregates. This product may be top coated if required.

Top Floor TS 500-SB

Two component Solvent based transparent epoxy coating for sealing and water proofing concrete, masonry and wood surfaces. It has excellent penetrating properties and is designed to be used as sealer coat or varnish for concrete surfaces. Can be used as primer or finish coat in a complete system in atmospheric environments.

Top Floor TS 700-WB

Two-pack high build water dispersed epoxy resin, which form a dust-proof, easily cleaned surface, which is resistant to most oils and liquids. The product is water based and low odor. It can also be used as a final coating and sealer for epoxy floor screeds to provide a more durable and easily cleaned surface where high impact is desirable. The product can be used as primer on damp areas or concrete surfaces that contains humidity.

Topxy Clear 2000

Is a solvent-free, two-component, high build polyamine cured epoxy varnish, which cures to a coating with excellent resistance to  water, Household detergents, oils, and to abrasion. It is used as protection coat in 3D epoxy flooring systems and also it can be used as a protection coat over decorative metallic and pearl epoxies.  

Topxy Flakes

A flat, acrylic flake product that may be mixed with a variety of materials such as clear or pigmented gel coat, polyurethane, or epoxy and sprayed directly onto the desired surface. Depending on the application, Stone Flakes may be backed with fiberglass or cast polymers.  

Topxy Resin 800 SF

A two component low viscous liquid used to fuse natural as well as artificial stone to fill porosity, hairline crack, major crack and hole. System will also enhance the color of natural stone as well as improve gloss.