Bitumen Based Waterproofing Products  are a group of coatings modified with bitumen. It is designed to give waterproofing layers and resistance to soil salts. In addition to their high resistance to plant roots.

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Top Proof BT 100-A

Single-Component, Bitumen Based Waterproofing Material containing reflective aluminum.

Top Proof BT 3000

One-component, elastomeric bituminous waterproofing, the product is water-based and with fast drying. The product is ready to use and applicable even in conditions of low temperature or high relative humidity. It is flexible at low temperature.  

Top Proof BT 4000

Polymer Modified, Bitumen Rubber–Based, Flexible, Water-Based Tow-component, waterproofing coating. The product consisted of Polymer bitumen dispersion and the second part is powder mixture with special filler and chemical additive.  

Top Proof BTS 2000

Modified bitumen and solvent borne, single component, elastic waterproofing material. It has extremely strong bonding strength on the surface  after the evaporation of the solvent in its content, and generates an elastic and resistant layer to water and moisture.