Water repellent material

It ıs a transparent, low-viscosity materials with a high ability to penetrate into porous surfaces to form a film that prevents water absorption

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Top Sealer WR 5000-WB

is an Active water based component for formulating penetrating water repellent. The product gives penetration of absorbent surfaces due to small molecular structure provides added repellency. The product performs and pond on both neutral and alkaline substrates.it is also UV stable to increase the life of the treatment. it allow water vapor permeable but give resistant to liquid water.it is also very important to mention that penetrating treatment will not Change the appearance of the substrate at low solids levels.  

Top sealer WR 7000-SB

Silicone based, solvent borne colorless surface protector and water repellent which prevents rainwater to flow in, by penetrating underneath the surface.