Cement Based Floor Coating are products made from Acrylic liquid and compination of cement based material. Those products are UV resistance and have good wear-resistant.

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Top Floor CM 045

It is a two-component, non-cracking decorative colored water-based acrylic asphalt & concrete paint with high UV resistance, high mechanical strength that provides very good adherence to the asphalt& concrete  surface it is applied to, consisting of powder component containing high strength special aggregate and mineral hardener and a special acrylic polymer-based colored liquid component

Top Floor CM 10-50

Cement based dry mortar for surface smoothening. It is suitable for leveling the floors where surface deviation is below 50 mm, prior to fixing of covering materials of tiles, parquets, carpets, natural stones and etc It allows delivering a flooring incline.

Top Floor CM 3-10

It is a high-strength, normal-setting, cement-based, self-leveling underlayment, for use over interior concrete, plywood and other approved floor surfaces. The product convenient and easy to use. Once cured, it provides a smooth, level surface on which to install a variety of floor coverings. This normal setting underlayment can be applied up to 10 mm  thick in one pour and seeks its own level in hours.

Top Floor CM 4-30

Cement based, rapid setting, fiber reinforced, self leveling surface smoothening mortar. It is suitable for leveling the floors where surface deviation is below 30 mm. Self leveling feature allows a rapid and easy application. It forms a smooth surface with resistance to abrasion and dust formation. Fiber reinforcement and its flexibility provide high compressive strength and it does not crush under heavy load.