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Elasto Bitumen PU 6000 SF

A two component, polyurethane-bitumen modified, liquid waterproofing material. It is a fast curing product and it forms a very elastic film, which perfectly adhere to different surfaces. It is perfectly adhesive to almost all types of surfaces. It has excellent mechanical characteristics providing high tension, tearing and wearing resistance. It has excellent chemical resistance. Moreover, does not affected by water vapor transmission. The dry film of the product has the capability to breath and prevents the accumulation of humidity under the coat. It provides thick coating without bubbling. It provides high crack bridging. It has excellent covering and is adhesive to surface. It has high thermal resistance and can be used between +80°C and 200 °C. The film applied keeps its flexibility down to – 40 °C.

Proof Tile Primer

Proof Tile Primer : Transparent, single-component adhesion promoter that chemically activates ceramic and glass surfaces providing excellent adhesion to the

Proof Tile PU 711-TR

Proof Tile PU 711-TR is a transparent, hard-elastic, one component aliphatic polyurethane, high-solids coating. After application the material cures with air

Thermal Roof Coating

Thermal Roof Coating One component elastomeric acrylic resin-based flexible acrylic waterproofing & thermal insulation coating. The product have waterproofing impervious

Top Clear AC-7070

A Solvent based acrylate copolymer primer and penetrative water repellent protective treatment for concrete and masonry. It works by penetrating into the pores of concrete and reacting there with the moisture / water vapor present to form a hydrophobic poly acrylate lining to the capillaries. The product non-staining, allows water vapor to escape from the structure and Chemically resistant to ice melting compounds, fuels, oils and atmospheric contaminants.  

Top Fix CR 117-2K

Top Fix CR 117-2K It is a two-component chemical material used in both passive and active waterproofing. The material interacts

Top Floor 90-CR

Top Floor 90-CR is a high-performance, single-component floor coating. based on chlorinated rubber.  The product is weather resistance and have

Top Roof G

It is an acrylic polymer components based, ready for use single component, strong adhesion with excellent water resistance and UV resistance waterproofing material. The product consisted of mineral fillers and special polymer to give a very good wearing resistance more than any equivalent product. The product has excellent resistance to UV, snow, rain and water and it is also environment friendly.